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Ropeless docking for simpler boating.

Introducing the easy-to-moor, no-knots, no-dents, no-scratches, no-theft ropeless docking system.

SureDock comes with:

  • Two SureDock mooring arms
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Installation Instructions

View the SureDock in action:

SureDock Features

Simple to Use

The SureDock ropeless docking system is as simple as click-and-secure. Just make the same approach you’ve always used when docking your pontoon. When you come to a stop, fasten both SureDock mooring arms. Now your pontoon is safely docked with no risk of damage.


Pontoons are tough, but a fixed dock is even tougher. Contact with a dock can cause expensive damage to pontoons. But your pontoon will always be protected with SureDock. The mooring arms move up and down with the waves but not in-and-out, securing your pontoon safely away from the dock. No more dents, dings or scratches.

BUY NOW - $289
+ free shipping


The SureDock ropeless docking system costs about the same as a good set of marine-grade ropes and bumpers. But with SureDock, you only have to pay once, while ropes need replacing every few years.

Suredock is cost effective


The SureDock ropeless docking system protects your pontoon against theft. With the addition of a padlock, SureDock becomes a dock mounted security system for pontoons. An ideal benefit for pontoons left at the cabin or dock locations you’re not around everyday.

Lifetime Warranty

Buy it once, use it for life. The SureDock ropeless docking system is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing failures. If SureDock ever fails under normal use, we’ll exchange it for free.

BUY NOW - $289
+ free shipping

Easy to Install

The SureDock ropeless docking system installs quickly requiring just a few basic tools and no special skills. You can use it on wood, aluminum or synthetic docks.

Tools needed:

  • 25-foot tape measure
  • Cordless drill
  • Adjustable or 7/16 wrench/socket
  • SureDock mooring arms and hardware

Click here to download our updated U-bolt installation manual.

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